Handle EOLEOF or EOF format

Hi all
During Checks stage with the Local Build tool, and error accured, OTHERS.lst should finish with EOLEOF or
EOF format. I tried to edit the file with others IDEs, but the error doesn’t fix.


try leaving a blank line after the last line of the OTHER.lst file

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Pay attention to what @hermit-purple said, It would probably solve your problem.

Also, this command prints a file with all its metacharacters. It could help you checking if the file actually has the EOLEOF.

cat -A <file>
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Well, I really set the line break, saved it, and I ran the local build again, but the same error came out, did I save the file wrong so the local build did not test the latest changes?

Did you commit it again before running local build? Also, try pushing to remote anyway.