Help with Mozart Oz Floatin Point precision

What happens

I have a problem with Mozart and a challenge that requires an output with floating point numbers. According to Mozart documentation there is a way to set the floating precision, and I’ve found only one full example in github of how to use it, but it does nothing in my program. Codeabbey requires that output data will have 12 digits and my answer (that is correct) only shows 5 (the default precision property for Mozart).

What do you understand or find about that problem

Mozart is really old and is not maintained anymore. I think this was a property of the v1.4 but in the v2.0 is now depricated (I can’t imagine why), but I already try all the options that are shown in the documentation. The answer of the program is correct but there is no way to change the amount of decimal places.

Did you try any workaround? What did you do?

I tried to get the actual value (5) of the property but it respond with this error:

%** Undefined property or property not readable
%** Property: print.floatPrecision

If I try to put the value into the property it doesn’t show any error but does nothing.


Related Documentation:
Only full program found in GH:,

I need help with

Either anyone knows how to fix this problem in Mozart, to show more than 5 decimal places (I doubt it) or I want to ask the moderators that if I can submit the challenge with this output (without validation in CodeAbbey) since its a limitation of the Programming Language.


Since it is a language limitation, there is no problem for you to adapt the result.