How I can gain browser control

Hi blokes.

I was wondering, how to gain browser control given an insecure upload, but there is the tricky part the system is built in csharp. I can upload html but not aspx, cshtml

I’m very aware that csharp is compiled

Did you actually do some research before coming here? Enlighten us a little!

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Sorry for the late answer. Yes it can be done somehow by mere manipulation of the Browser Object Model and Document object Model.My superior show me how.


the solution should be documented here. that’s precisely the point of this community

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Here are some links that could work in that scenario:

First an XSS reverse shell that works if you can upload files:

This only will take control of the user’s tab where the infected code is loaded but you can extract session cookies and load a login prompt to make the user type their credentials.

XSS to RCE in Nodejs: