How to configure lint in kotlin

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Who could help me clarifying where I should configure the lint and how? in kotlin, since I have read the guides and I can not understand. Thank you so much.

Please add more information:

  • What linter are you using?
  • What configuration are you using?

I made my commit, then a mr and they asked me for a lint for kotlin, then I don’t know where I should do the lint.

I don’t know what linter to use for kotlin and I am not using any configuration, what would be the recommended configuration.Linter-kotlin

1st google result

Better give urls and plain text than images. In the screenshot above I have no idea what that refers to.

Do I edit klint in this file? .pre-commit-config.yaml

That would be a more advanced step: integrating klint to the CI pipeline.

For the moment just run klint on your solution and make sure it passes with no warnings in strictest setting.

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Ok, roaring-lamport thank you very much for your help. When you refer to the strictest configuration is the one that comes by default without excluding any rules?

No, I mean the strictest the tool can be set to. May be the default one, but not necessarily.

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