How to sucess with the CI/CD commits

What happens

I have had sent commits with unsucessfully results, and I need that will passs to green check!

What do you understand or find about that problem

How I will do to make sucessful following and show them the next errors.

Did you try any workaround? What did you do?

I tried several times to commit my challenges from CodeAbbey, first of them I solve on this website and later, I write the same code on this repo.


My solution is written in Java, not another languages and why throws those errors.

What’s about /test/policy, and how to solve properly, and the second too!

Something else to add…

A weirdo error that appears here!

I need help with

How to make a properly commit to avoid those errors and that I will get the approval, best regards!


First of all remember to read, read and read the documentation. You will find there everything you need to make your first commit successfully.

I will explain some details:

  1. Remember that you can’t do the challenges in the language you want, you have a list of languages assigned to your policy, you can read more about this at: Test Policy | Autonomic Jump

  2. All solutions must have a defined structure in order to be approved, you can read more about this at: Structure | Autonomic Jump

  3. In addition each file has its own rules and styles, read more about this in the “Submission” category:
    Introduction to Submission | Autonomic Jump

In conclusion read the documentation as many times as you need to understand it. If you still have doubts, don’t hesitate to ask again.


In response to first item!

First of them,

The file data.yml that contains the policies doesn’t appear my username, on the appart (junior-> name: junior → users: …) my username in GitLab is imengineerdew, because my category is junior.


Java and Python doesn’t appear on the list, what’s wrong there and why?

and last,

I have solved my challenges on CodeAbbey website (7 until today) using Java, and run properly, why don’t include Java the data.yml


I attach here the pictures that includes “Java” but doesn’t appear on the data.yml,

Best regards for you!

  1. I just checked and you are right about your nickname not appearing in the policy. I will find out tomorrow and as soon as I do, I will give you an answer.

  2. The Autonomic Jump process is partly about measuring your learning capacity. The fact that Python and Java are not in the list is because we are looking for you to solve challenges in new languages that require you to learn new things. The complexity of these languages will increase with each policy, and the languages for each policy will change over time (so Java or Python may be included at some point in a cycle for a period of time), all to make the process more challenging.

  3. The fact that Java appears in the jobs means that it is part of one of the many languages supported by the repository, but does not necessarily mean that it is enabled for your policy. The languages supported by the repository can be found at: Language Ranking

Okay, I will hope that is solved as soon as possible, but my strenght about languages of programming is Java (naturally) and some knownedges of Python too, and in this ranking, those language appears in the position 67.

Here, I put one of these pictures from CodeAbbey exercises solved (in Java)

If you have some doubt, you don’t forget ask me!

Bests regards!