I don't find OTHER's

Hey there!!
I am searching on web about others files about my programming challenge and I don’t find any other file in another programming language about my challenge, is possible push only one link on OTHERS.lst file?

Thank you.

Read the docs carefully. Others are not necessary related with the challenge that you are solving, just the type (ctf, code, hack). Please reference here the link in the docs that allow you to do that.

ohh, thank you, I understand it now, I was searching another code in another programming language of my challenge that I am solving,

I had misinterpreting " Each challenge solution must be submitted with 10 external solutions ( 10 URLs in OTHERS.lst files)."

Thank you, very much !

https://gitlab.com/fluidattacks/writeups/wikis/Submission#3-otherslst-links-rules (point 2 and 3)