I don't have access to Writeups repository

I began the immersion stage without finish the 3 programming and 3 ctf-hacking challenges, then I can’t do a merge request to the writeup repository. I tried to request developer permissions to the Writeups repository, but appears a message that says “Paste the correct message”, although the message is right. So, i don’t know what to, Should I do the 3 programming and 3 ctf-hacking challenges before requeste access, although immersion’s rules says that I must do the cycles in order?

What message did you paste? Why do you think is right?

I pasted this message from https://fluidattacks.com/web/careers/technical-challenges/
“I have completed three (3) programming and three (3) ctf-hacking unique challenges in the training repo and therefore request access to the git writeups repository with my GitLab username.”
I think is right because in the form says “Paste message to request repository access, found in https://fluidattacks.com/web/en/careers/technical-challenges/

And so far you didn’t finish any programming or CTF challenges, as stated in https://fluidattacks.com/training/ with the user karol1998. The statement that you post need to be true.

I finish one programming and one ctf challenge, then I need to finish 3 of them? In this case, what happen with the immersion’s rules?

Yes, I need to do 3 programming and 3 ctf-hacking challenges first, although I am in immersion.

Immersion is 1-1-1, but to get access to writeups you will need 3-3-0 first. After that you will request and get access to writeups repo, and will complete the other 3-3-3. At this point, you could continue following the standard immersion protocol 4-4-4, 5-5-5,

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We should definitely add this clarification to https://fluidattacks.com/web/careers/immersion/#training-sequence

Access control rules to the repo as precedence over immersion protocol.