I don't know how to create OTHERS.lst file?

After reading the submission guide, it is not clear to me where to take the links from for the OTHERS.lst file,should I take those links from OTHERS.lst files created in the Repo?.
Thanks in advance.

You need to look on the internet for the links and reference them on the OTHERS.lst files. Let’s say I’m solving challenge 1 from codeabbey. Then I google: codeabbey challenge 1 solution and take some links from people who posted solutions to that specific challenge.

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Also make sure to avoid already existing links and languages in the OTHERS list, for example in a coding solution you have an other.lst file like this:


If you find a different solution in any of the languages already present in the other file (url-to-solution2.[py|cs|cpp|java ] ) it does not count as a valid solution. Double check the already existing languages in the others files before uploading new solutions.

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Good day, does this mean that if my challenge has been solved in a different language, then mine is not valid?

i.e. I resolved challenge 59 from codeabbey in JavaScript, that same challenge can not have been solved in a different language for me to submit the challenge?


Please don’t necrobump threads. The answer to this question is in the documentation. If still unclear open new thread.