I don't know how to use git

Do I need to learn it? Or can I upload my challenges only using the website?

Hi, welcome to the community, first, we have a template for questions related to the training.

I will answer you since this question hadn’t any technical thing.

You should learn the basics of git, without that you couldn’t be able to pass the pipelines and upload your challenges, our pipelines are very strict with the rules and you should read the submission guide too.

With that I can say yo that you should learn git to continue, you can do some things with the website, like see the pipelines and open issues, create the MR after a successful CI, but rebase, reset, etc could be hard without knowing the basics commands.

If you can pass all pipes and all things with only the web, go ahead, but the training process is about self-learning and improving skills.

For post things related to challenges/immersion we create a template, you can see it in this post:

And please take a look at this too:

If you want to ask anything related to the challenges please follow the template, with that way you can give us more details and help us to understand what happens and how to solve it.

How the thread is non compliant with the template I proceed to close it and wait until become compliant with the template.