I dont undestand how to start

Hi im new at autonomic jump and im currently on challenge stage. So i read the documentation: Introduction | Autonomic Jump
But i dont understand how to start. I got access to the gitlab repositories and i wanna start to make ctf-hacking.
Question 1: How can i start making hacking ctf challenges?
Question 2: Do i have to clone the repositorie and then work on it?
Question 3: I dont see my name at policies files: https://gitlab.com/autonomicjump/challenges/-/blob/master/policies/data.yaml
Question 4: Any tip would help to start <3

It seems that i have to complete this task first: Getting Started | Autonomic Jump
Sending the email confirmation at careers@autonomicmind.com

Welcome to the forum,

To begin with, in the forum, we follow a kind of template to post a topic, surely when you enter you will have already seen it…

Before posting any topic, I recommend you to look for it in the forum for any case created by another user. Also, remember that all and absolutely all the information about the process can be found in our documentation.


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