I'm still having errors with my pipelines

What happens

First I failed when I created my branch’s name, because forgot add my username in the polices/data.yaml file. Then I tryed solves that but Gitlab returns me error with my pipelines.

What do you understand or find about that problem

I has been reading all the documentation and I could understood, but I don’t understand why I have this one problem.

Did you try any workaround? What did you do?

I don’t wanna try push nothing more until I’m sure about what is happened with this issue.


I need help with

I need help to can setup my branch correctly. Any ideas?

Hello Mateo, welcome to the forum!

Talk to Juan Salas or Camilo, they are in charge of the repository, so they can add you to the correct policy.

Juan Salas’ number is in the process invitation email, and Camilo’s email is in his Gitlab user.


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Thanks you bright-region, finally I could found the solution :slight_smile:

So, I did it this:

I read times three times again the documentation and watched the latest commits in the repository, so:

Before I make any push or create my branch-username, Camilo have to add me in the policies/data.yaml first.
And after that, I can start with the challenges on Gitlab.

I practiced read the documentation as often as necessary, and be autodidact and autonomous.