Inconvenientes con las resoluciones

Buenas noches a todos, yo soy un nuevo integrante de Autonomic, estube leyendo la documentaci贸n varias veces, y estoy un poco desorientado en cuanto a una vez realizado la solucion en los desafios, le铆 que hay que agregar un link de resolucion al archivo OTHER.lst, me gustaria si alguien me puede orientar con eso, se lo agradeceria muchisimo ! gracias :slight_smile:


Everything is in the documentation, but I can guide you a bit. You鈥檙e talking about external solutions. You should find ten external solutions for any other challenge on the list, and make sure they are not duplicate links. You can find more information about that here:

Remember to ask questions in the forum in English and follow the format:


Thank you for taking the time to answer me, I appreciate it, so I must upload 10 urls where the exercises that are in the challenge are solved, it does not have to be the same one that I solved, and one last query with this I finish, the punctuation that they add of their solution, how do they do it?

Remember that the whole process you are going through must be in English, if you have more doubts, please make the post in its due form. Here you have more information: