Invalid mime-type on test_generic

What happens

The test_generic fails because the mime-type of my script is invalid.

What do you understand or find about that problem

Based on my last post, the allowed languages can be find here: and awk is one of the them, so I choose that for the challenge.

You make any workaround? What did you do?

Based on the error I try:

  • List item Modify my rebelskvll.awk without “#! /usr/bin/awf -f”, but this give me error at trying to execute the script.

  • List item Try to chage the Shebang for something like #!/bin/bash, but this is uncessfully


I need help with

Understand why the mime-type of my script is invalid or if I am using and unallowed language.

Again, thanks in advance

This should be fixed now, please rebase and try again and let me know if you have another problem.

I have been notified that my policies have changed to curry for code, so I supose that rebase is not necesary.
I am right?

Since the master branch continuously change you will need rebase your branch to keep your changes ahead the master branch, check the command
git rebase