Issue with the yml linter of the pre_commit check

What happens

I just uploaded my first MR but it was closed because my yml file started with “—” but the problem is I couldn’t pass the pre_commit pipeline without it.

What do you understand or find about that problem

It seems the pre_commit pipeline are using the yamllint to check the style of the yml

Did you try any workaround? What did you do?

I downloaded the linter used in the pipeline and start checking my yml and others already merged, the result was the same for all, a warning about the document should start with “—”.

(Optional) Why does the workaround fail?

The pipeline passed succesfully my yml starting with “—”, I have no trailing spaces, my file have endline, the only problem was the start of the file.


As you can see this is a valid yml for the linter, the file starts with “—”.

Now the warning jumps because the ausence of “—” as document-start, this is the same warning that appear when you upload your code and the pre_commit pipeline start checking.

Not only in my yml jumps the warning, in every already merged yml files happpen if it does not start with “—” so I assume that in the present the whole yml files of the repository can’t pass the pre_commit pipeline because of the current linter

I need help with

Whatever is going on, it’s so confusing and I can’t upload any solutions because of this, when my document starts with “—” the pipeline pass and I can do MR but it’s closed for the same reason, without the “—” i can’t even pass the pre_commit pipeline. Thank you for the help.


Code files and files with extensions .lst and .yml must end with an empty line. Please give me the link where the pre_commit gives you an error.