Job /test/generic/allowed_mimes. Curry

What happens

When I do a commit, the pipeline fails in the job generic allowed_mimes for my solution in Curry.

What I understand about that problem

Files with the extension .curry are not recognized by the allowed mime types, so it is inferred as text/x-tex.

What I did

I read about mime types and I found how to set the mime type in my operating system (Ubuntu 22.04) by editing some files. I thought if I changed those files, the commit would send the file with the related mime type but it did not happen.

Then I thought it was due to some git configuration, I tried to find something about that but any search I did, only got answers about the mime types in the operating system.

Why does the workaround fail?

The gitlab pipeline identifies the curry file as text/x-tex and not as text/plain (the mime type I associated to the file in my OS)


Screenshot of the report in the pipeline

Screenshots of the mime type in my OS

Screenshot from 2023-08-21 09-01-24

I need help with

I would like to know if there are some files I should modify in order to set the mime type for my curry program. Or, what could I do to solve this problem?

Hi! Thanks for writing in the forum.

Remember use the template of the forum to understand better what is your error.

Sure, thank you!

I just edited my post in order to meet the template.

Check the comment you are leaving at the beginning of the file, it may be being recognized as plain text.

But I would like my file to be recognized as text/plain, it is an accepted mime type. The problem is in the pipeline, it is recognized as text/x-tex.