Linter for Lobster lang

What happens

I need the prelude in my lobster solution for the MR to be approved

What do you understand or find about that problem

In this case, I can’t find a linter for lobster lang, so I don’t know how to put the prelude

You make any workaround? What did you do?

After searching, I can’t find one


I need help with

I need help with a linter, or let me know if I can omit the prelude for this lang

@season-embodiment final correct answer is this:
The Prelude and postlude cannot be omitted, for these cases the prelude must specify at least how the compilation was done, sorry for the inconvenience.

@uneasy-ruler but in this case, the command for compile is the same as the one in the postlude and the output is the result of the challenge, so should I put only the command? or the command and the output (in this case prelude and postlude will be the same)? or what should I do?

for example:

// lobster file.lobster -- DATA.lst
// lobster file.lobster -- DATA.lst
// result

You could use the compilation line used by the file for lobster as your prelude


Then your prelude will be

// lobster --pak file.lobster

Check if lobster has a multiline comment literal, and use it instead.