Local Build was successful but the pipeline fail

I run the local build and the CI was successful. However, after I push the changes to my branch the test that pass locally failed in my pipeline.




Please send the link to the commit that fails, because in that Images is hard to know what happens.




  • test commit:

    progress can’t be 0 because you make a solution with a blessing > 0

  • test generic:


    names must be in lowercase letters or numbers, without special chars (You have an uppercase letter).

  • build solutions java:

    the linter fails when reading your code, figure out how to solve those warnings.

  • test policy:

    that test is implemented, but right now you have a default policy that allows you to make a challenge from any site with any score/blessing, for that reason please update your local branch and rebase before making the commit, that should solve that error.

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