Lose my Others links

What happens

i made a commit that failed the pre-commit test, then i read how to solve the problem ando i fix it, but in the new commit “who was supossed to be without errors” but i failed the test from the links but they were there in alfabhetical order.

What do you understand or find about that problem

i think that maybe the changes from the others file are in the past commit and are not being included in the new

Did you try any workaround? What did you do?

no, i was thinking make a new other file but maybe that will give me another error


I need help with

how can i solve this and fix the error in the test, knowing that y put the 10 links without error in a previous commit

Hey! how are you?
Please send the link of the error, so that others can analyze it better.
What the error says is that in the OTHERS file, THERE ARE NOT the 10 external links that are requested in the documentation.
It says you need to add the links to the file.

Link documentation:

but i add the links in a past commit and in this commit it doesnt read my links

thats the commit i did before i get the error in that commit the pipeline only give one error, in the yml file, i fix that error made the new commit and this is the problem, it doesnt read the links i put before in the new commit.

send error link, please, to see in detail
Do you have more than 10 links in the file?


yes, in the past commit i get all the test from the OTHERS file good without mistakes 10 links with raw in order

i was thinking, maybe delete the branch again and put the files again with the changes

Have you tried deleting the file and uploading it again?

yes, and when i do that the “git status” show like it was no changes, y try “git add .” too and the same thing happen, i think that the only solution is to delete the branch and upload the files again.

Hello. You must upload all changes in a single commit Commit | Autonomic Jump