Merge request failed

What happens

It does not allow me to make the fusion request

What do you understand or find about that problem?

When I upload the solution to the challenge, it immediately generates an error, it does not perform the verifications that are normally carried out and immediately gives an error, and from what I see, it happens to all the challenges that are uploaded.

Did you try any solutions? What did you do?

try deleting and loading the request on different occasions and it has not been possible, delete the branch and create it again and the same thing happens


I need help with

I need help with

help to be able to make the function request, or if there is any problem with the repository

I am having a similar issue.

My latest merge request was done about 50 minutes ago and the pipeline is (apparently) presenting an abnormal behavior.

The “reviews” job simply stands queued and does not get started.
By viewing the warning delivered by the pipelines warnings, could we conclude that we have a temporarily loss in the CI/CD runners service?

We are sorry for this problem, yesterday this issue was fixed at approximately 6 p.m. UTC -5. I hope you can continue uploading challenges, good luck!