MR Closed by AutonomicBot

What happens

My MR My merge continues to be closed automatically by the AutonomicBot but it passed the pipelines.

What do you understand or find about that problem

It says that it was closed because the changes were not merged into master.

Did you try any workaround? What did you do?

  • I try to push directly the MR into the origin master branch, but I don’t have the permissions
  • I check all was already up to date with my branch
  • I delete my remote branch and then try all again, but after 20 minutes more or less it closes again and agan


MR link



I need help with

How to correctly open a MR on the Repo
And what commands to use locally with git


The MR closes because you are failing the reviews. Change your GitLab user name (profile), which should be Firstname and Lastname, with no accents. Once this change is made, upload your solution again, after passing the pipelines, make the merge request.

[ERROR] Your gitlab user name is Simón Correa Henao. 
Please make sure to use the following syntax: 
Capitalized name, space and capitalized lastname (avoid accents and ñ). 
For example: Aureliano Buendia. 
You can change your gitlab user name here:
[ERROR] Merge Request closed by: pr_user_syntax
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