MR must only be created after a successful CI

Good day,

I have tried several times to upload the corresponding files in a single commit, but the Bot tells me that I have more than one commit. I do not understand this, I am following these commands in order:

cd ~/training/code/codeabbey/001
git checkout -b ozpingux
git branch -u origin/master
git add ozpingux.c
git add OTHERS.lst
git add DATA.lst
git add LINK.lst
git status
git commit -F ~/commitmsg.txt
git push --force

Why does it tell me that I have 4 commits if i am doing everything in one action?

How can I send everything in one commit please?

I have another question please, the bot tells me that, A MR must only be created after a successful CI run in your branch.

What does this mean please?

Thank you very much for your help. Regards.

There are 2 questions in this post, you must create a different thread for such question.
Regarding your issue about the number of commits, the easiest way is to squash and rebase commits,
there is a lot of documentation online as well as some related post on this same forum:

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Also make sure to structure your question properly: modify the title according to the post, the title is about a sucessfull CI but in the body you are asking about the commits, please refer to these guidelines: