MR was closed what to do next

Hi, I could use your help. I really don’t know what the process should be after the RM is closed? I mean, I make the corresponding corrections but I don’t know which commands I should use right after my RM is closed. This always leads to more than one commit and when I make a new RM all those commits appear. I tried checking the “squash commits” box that appears when the RM is being created but it didn’t work. Thank you

If you are using the gitlab GUI my recommendation is to use CLI instead, since you can make a lot more things. As for the procedure to make a rebase, there isn’t just one, there are many ways to achieve the same results, for example, for a local rebase you can:

repository $ git pull --rebase or repository $ git pull && git rebase or git rebase -i @~n

after that, a git push origin mybranch should result in the local branch updated with the recent changes

If you are new to git in general there are some other useful threads that may help you, such as this one:

Hope it helps