My commit fails but the solution is correct

Good day,

Sorry I’m new to GitLab, today I try to upload a solution for a website called codeabbey; which is challenge 001, this solution when loaded on the site of the original challenge, is correct. But when being loaded to its repository with my ozpingux branch, the commit always fails. I would like to know in what I will be failing, because I have tried to upload it in the way they advise me in the forum, but when my file is loaded ozpingux.c the commit runs for a while and then I get a warning that the error has failed commit

Here the solution I have loaded is correct when testing it in the challenge.

but when loaded in the repository the commit fails

I apologize for the failures, I would like to know what I am failing, why I look at the documentation and cannot understand since I am new to GitLab, I have never used GitLab.

Could you please give me some advice on what I am failing?
Thank you very much for your kind advice.

Hello @unlike-success and welcome to the Fluid Attacks community

Regarding your question, in our training process there’s much more than just solving the programming/hacking challenge you have proposed, we stick to a very strict submission criteria for commits and merge request in our repositories, I suggest you to begin reading the guidelines and take a look to the approved MRs to understand how a good commit structure must look like.

Finally, if you are new to git I suggest you to start reading and learning how git works, and understand the basic concepts, because you’re gonna use it all along the training process, there’s a lot of documentation online


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Also, check your CI logs. Every time an integration fails, you get logs of what’s wrong with your commit.

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