National rank Root me

I have mi global rank but,
How do I get my national rank in Root me?

You can link your wechall account with rootme:

Once you’ve linked both accounts, use wechall for tracking your national and global progress.

ok thanks, but could you tell me how to link both accounts?

sure, on your account settings search for rootme:


write the same username and email that you used to create your rootme account and click the link site button.

Once you’ve done that, in the list of linked sites now you’ll find rootme, with your user and progress

ok, I already linked my Root me account, however I can’t find my national rank yet. This only show me number of solved challenge and score. and on the ranking section of WeChall I can’t find my user. any suggestion?

Just click on your username in top right corner, a small window will appear with your profile, including country, score, and national/global ranking