Negative effort in YAML

What happens

I am trying to calculate my effort for the .yml file, but it says that my effort should be negative.

What do you understand or find about that problem

I know that for calculating the effort I have to substract the hours of the past challenge with the hours spent in the current one. But I dont know why it says that my effort should negative


I need help with

I dont know what to do, that is the only job that fails always, and I read others problems with this topic but none of them was useful for me

Remember that the total number of hours is associated with the effort. That is, it cannot be less. So the effort is the number of hours spent to solve the challenge, and must be calculated using the total time. Please check the documentation.


In the case of being my first time, it didn’t take me long and I don’t know how to place it, for the Score part I don’t understand how the values ​​were assigned through complexity

You can check Hack and code | Autonomic Jump.