Next steps immersion

I am near for completing 5 cycles and i have doubts about what’s coming next.

I have read this from the page.
“After you have completed five (5) challenge cycles write one (1) article for the blog…”
Is this correct? and if so, how i can start (what topic, need permitions on repo, etc…).

And another question is about training projects, when starts? there is no mention of it on the page of immersion/Training sequence.

Unless otherwise indicated,
Indeed you need to finish the 5 challenge cycles, and then write an article for the blog.
For that you need to access to the web repository.
You can ask for developer permissions there.
As for the topics, again, unless told otherwise, here are some ideas:
It is also a good idea to get acquainted with the web page in general, and with the blog, its topics and style in particular.

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Could you send the URL with anchor with the spec for the 5 cycles? We have this on the webpage:

Gotcha. @roaring-lamport make the appropriate suggestion.

Regarding projects, you will be notified in the right moment. If you don’t receive information about them, then that goal will not be required.

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@elder-lich. Any of the answers above solve your initial question? If yes, please mark it appropriately.

Hello, I am getting acquainted with the web page, topics and style.
Where can I ask for developer permissions in the web repository ?

This way is OK. We already gave you developer access to web repo.

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