No more codes with the required complexity

What happens

I’m about to reset my complexity and my possible codes with a complexity between 2-4 were already done by someone else

What do you understand or find about that problem

The minimum step when the complexity is restored is 2 and the maximum complexity is 4, in my case I only have one challenge that meet those conditions but I cannot do them because the challenges were already made by someone else with clojurescript, Ocaml and Haskell


As you can see I only have one code that meet necessary conditions

I need help with

We could add a new language but when I restore the complexity again I won’t have more challenges with complexity between 2-4, for that I think it is better to change the steps.

Hey there

Lisp and Elixir languages are available to code with :wink: if this problem persists we may consider changing the steps, as for now, this workaround should be enough


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By the way, We are changing the policy to allow any language on the list of supported languages for the repo.

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