No reason for pipeline failed with PHP

What happens

What do you understand or find about that problem

To be fair it’s my first time using git so i guess it’s possible that I’m just using something wrong but I don´t know what is it?

You make any workaround? What did you do?

I see some others answers for other challenges and I think the code style it’s similar, so I think the problem is related to a git configuration, not really sure.


link to the pipeline

I need help with

I’m not sure if it’s a problem with my code or something in the configuration when I commit the files and why others jobs are with errors too?, clojure, crystal, gherkin

Error 1: test_generic

Your code must be under 80 columns

Error 2: test_generic

You are typing wrong the scores.

Other Errors:

you only need to retry the pipeline.

You should read the pipelines, for the error that you show in your image you can read that you must run prettier (Is a code format) and try with the correct format, you can find the config file for prettier in the following path /build/configs

PD: this is as much as I can say, but I suggest you read the Submission Guide because you can find a lot of useful info.

How get this

Blockquote You should read the pipelines, for the error that you show in your image you can read that you must run prettier (Is a code format) and try with the correct format, you can find the config file for prettier in the following path /build/configs


You can see al related things to prettier here:

And you can found the config file that we use in the path that I say before

Which is the complete path?

You forget to add the branch.

In that place, you can found all config for the linters and code formats

The code was formated by pretty and the message commitwas changed too but the errors persist. Please help

New Pipeline
challenges | Pipeline #186522597 has failed for pisouris | 824e8d60 in !5720

Thank you so much

Please send the link and if you can you can show screenshots about what you see and explain what you understand because we try to promote self-learning too, for that You can receive help, but try to show what you see and understand.

My problem is more easy than appears, I think that it is the process with gitlab, when I go to pipeline only I can see reviews ( a job ), when I go inside the review log, it only presents this error

but at line 478 everything was ok so that was my last message, the changes was applied over the code but the pipeline failed again and the pipeline 186522538, that appears inside the log, it is not mine.
I go to all links in gitlab relate the pipeline, searching… I don’t find additional messages, I am pretty sure that if you don’t consider anything obvious, my questions will be more precise

PD: Before ask I read and read and read but I don’t understand, I didn’t use gitlab before that way, so I ask because I don’t understand, that’s all. Thank you very much

Do you know that you shouldn’t open an MR before all pipelines succeed?

You have 3 pipelines that failed before you open the MR:

You must wait until all pipelines succeed and if all pipelines pass open an MR not before, please fix the problems in that pipelines and try again.

All pipelines say why they fails.

Thanks for help, I ran again 5720 MR and jobs for message commit and generic test were ok, jobs for others and policy are not ok

I check log and I compare OTHERS file with this requirement of wiki page

  • OTHERS.lst: It contains the links to the external solutions found on the Internet for said challenge which must not be read or used as a reference to solve the challenge. This file allows an automatic script to perform a similarity analysis with the challenges sent by the candidates.

and it is OK and I don’t understand why error message references from line 306, the URL… that it is not includes in OTHERS file. This is the first question

Second question is why in error message of test policy it references a py file if my solution is in php and it is named pisouris.php like wiki page indicates

Thank you so much

Sorry this is the correct to last reply

left side it’s test others and other side it is test policy

The solution for HTTP status 429 is retry the job, you can found the button to retry on the right side.

info about 429:


The right side talks about because all scripts executed in the pipelines are writing in python, but you can see the error in the [ERROR] tag, the name of your solution isn’t compliant.

but the error that you show me isn’t for a solution that you upload, its for a commit that you make with a solution for another user.


You are uploading another user and for some reason that commits fails, you are trying to update your branch? if it is the case you must read about the rebase command in git, which helps you to avoid that kind of issue.

You must run the pipelines but your commit and fix the problems that you found, if you found a new problem you can ask, but with logs or screenshots about the error and what happens, a lot of users have problems with his first commit, but when you understand the rules and how works the pipelines you can go faster.