OTHERS.lst contain unsorted urls

It’s me again, reduced the errors from 5 to 1, after doing what imaginative-watch sugested on my last post(thank you again <3) i realized what happened

What happens

The OTHERS.lst file appears to be unsorted, even after i tried to sort it manually(evidence #1 and #2,what i need help with #1)

What do you understand or find about that problem

i know there is an element unsorted anywere, but i can’t find it

You make any workaround? What did you do?

i tried sorting it manually, but didn’t work.
also tried sorting it with excel, but it sorts it by the first characters and then goest until the last file… the pipeline says it have to be sorted by extension


image #1. error message, the last commit was done with the urls sorted by excel.
image #2. manually sorted file

image #3 file sorted with excel

I need help with

any tip to sort the file, or knowing how to sort it properly, i’ve been here all the afternoon trying to solve this (along with the other errors)

Commit link
pipeline link

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You must sort the external links alphabetically, for this you can look for an online tool or do it manually.

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Hi, there is any tool you recommend for doing this?
edit: sorting it manually now, but, the pipeline is Case sensitive?

okay, now i got it. thank you imaginative-watch, for future reference i will let this down.

when the job for /test/others/code_sort_by_ext is running, it will fail, BUT also will sort the file and let it as following:

after analyzing the “example” on VSCode, it shows that the file has changed the order for certain items:

that single thing is what was causing my commit to fail.

Resuming: the “example” the pipeline /test/others/code_sort_by_ext provides, is ACTUALLY the sorted OTHERS.lst file. you just need to format it on your code editor because it will let it with a tab and without the last blank line

edit: corrected username at first line and grammar

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