Passed but no merge request

What happens

Currently my pipeline has already passed, without any extra error, however when performing the merge, for some reason some languages ​​failed, however I restarted these jobs and they already worked.

What do you understand or find about that problem

As such I don’t think there is a problem, I just wonder how to request the merge when this happens, since I don’t think it’s necessary to repeat the commit back to my branch.

You make any workaround? What did you do?

At the moment I am going to the forum since I am a little anxious to make my first merge and I would like to know what to do in these cases if I wait or contact someone.


Pipeline #770260396

I need help with

Currently I need help to be able to join my branch with the main one taking into account that it already passes all the tasks

Please update your branch and make a new MR. I will check what’s the exact error

Good afternoon, I just performed the merge again.
Thank you very much for your attention and help.

Merge request pipeline #770434213 pending for 9bd0281f

This need to be empty:

Just make the MR without do anything more. The MR in the repo are configured to make the MR message equal to commit message the same.