Pipeline failed due to test_policy

What happens

Hi. I’m trying to upload a code challenge with a complexity of 11.96, but I’m getting an error with the test_policy. It says that the expected max complexity is 6 and the previous one is 0. However, my last approved challenge has a complexity of 10.96.

What do you understand or find about that problem

I understand it could be something wrong with the complexity parameters, keeping in mind the complexity of my last challenge.

You make any workaround? What did you do?

I searched for similar posts in the community, but I couldn’t find the same problem.



link to pipeline https://gitlab.com/autonomicmind/challenges/-/pipelines/221721249

I need help with

Understanding what kind of problem could it be and how to solve it.

Hi, how are u?

This problem is easy to solve, your previous complexity was 10.96, for that reason you restart the steps because on the policy that you have the goal is 10, knowing that in this step you should make a challenge with complexity between 2 and 6, the error says that you are solving a challenge with a complexity very high compared with the new expected.

On the policy that you have the minimum complexity is 2, the min step is 1 and the max step is 4, with a goal of 10.

The policy makes that you should increment the complexity of the challenges that you are solving in a way that we control with that, you can save that challenge and upload it later when you must surpass the goal again, on this case try with a challenge between 2 and 6 of score.

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