Pipeline failed in build

What happens

Hi guys! I’m trying to upload my first code challenge but I got this error

What do you understand or find about that problem

To be fair it’s my first time using git so i guess it’s possible that I’m just using something wrong. I also try with the upper-case names but that didn’t work either.

You make any workaround? What did you do?

I see some others answers for other challenges and I think the code style it’s similar, so I think the problem is related to a git configuration, not really sure.


link to the pipeline

I need help with

I’m not sure if it’s a problem with my code or something in the configuration when I commit the files

first, try to use functions, like main() and solution() or something that you think, second, you must use typing, with that you can make a better code, try with functions and typing.

in the other hand, you have a error in OTHERS.lst too, you must see that thing too.

If you can please add the pipeline when you are naming the constants with uppercase


Global variables for python must be capitalize, trying to change to (COUNT, NUMBERS, SEEN)

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That is what says the error, but he says that use upper case didn’t work for that we should see what is the error if he uses the upper case.

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Hi, you found any workaround? you solve your problem? if you solve it please tell us how and mark the solution, if not please bring us more info to help.

Hi! Sorry for the late response.
I change my global variables (the input) and also move the rest inside a function and that solve the problem, thank you guys.

About the OTHERS list, was just a problem with the alphabetical order.

Right now I’m working in the type annotations, that’s why I am not updating the situation. Anyway I’ll let you know if that solve everything or I need extra help. Thanks!

Update: everything works now! I’m leaving the link to the pipeline that worked just in case is useful for someone

Thanks @uneasy-ruler @pastel-code !