Pipeline job fails with strange error

I created an issue for this exact same bug (Issue #293) on the challenges repository, where the test_commit_msg job fails with a strange error, pointing an error in the productivity calculation at the start of the commit message (char 0, line 1, col 1).


I would like to get some feedback on why does this fails if the error is correctly thrown or if there is a mistake in the pipeline job.

This is your commit message:
sol(code): #0 codeabbey, 111 (11.25)

  • others: 2 in, 1 out, 3 total.
  • score: 367.31 initial, 378.56 final, 11.25 progress.
  • global-rank: 829 initial, 829 final, 0 progress.
  • national-rank: 40 initial, 40 final, 0 progress.
  • effort: 0.5 hours during challenges, productivity 5.63 points/hour.

You have a 0.5 hour effort and the challenge score is 11.25, so the productivity in the commit message is wrong.
Productivity is score / effort, in your case: 11.25 / 0.5.
The result of this operation multiplied by the effort must give the score of the challenge

Thanks! I just realized my mistake and now I feel kinda dumb.

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