Policy for inmersion code solutions

Hi, i have recently completed a coding challenge but complexity was bit over the step policy as you can see in the next picture:

So, should i complete another challenge with less complexity and upload this one later on? or what should i do?

I don’t see any problem in uploading high complexity challenges, the higher, the better. :muscle:

Yeah, but the test_policy would fail :sweat_smile: should i push it regardless of that?

make a try, if it fails we’ll check deeper what can we do, it shouldn’t fail for something positive like this


That means that you need to solve challenges in increasing complexity, using steps of maximum 2 units.

Yeah, i was trying to do the hardest as i could every step, but that was the closest one to +2 complexity, with 0.08 difference tho :S guess i should do another one with less complexity then.

if your last was 5.27, you should solve anything between 5.28 and 7.27. What is the complexity of the solution you are solving?

The one i solved has 7.35 complexity, that’s why i was saying 0.08 difference before :sweat_smile:

@major-indication the step work as a limit, you must solve a challenge with less complexity, when you reach a higher expected complexity you can upload that challenge, take it easy and try to make steps like this:

0 < step < 2 (in your current policy)

Got it, the only question i have then is regarding the score, i have already uploaded this one to codeabbey and when i upload one with lower complexity the score in the site is going to update, so how should i handle the scores for the commits?

you know your actual score, take that subtract the score of this challenge, sum the score of the new challenge and in the next commit you can sum the score of this that u already solve.

something like this:

for this code commit:

initial-score = <final_score - score_of_the_challenge_that_you can't_upload>

final-score = <initial + new_challenge_score>

- score: <initial-score> initial, <final-score> final, 4 progress.

for the next code commit:

initial-score = <final_score_of_last_challenge>

final-score = <initial + challenge_score>

- score: <initial-score> initial, <final-score> final, 4 progress.

With that way you wouldn’t have any problem, but if you can’t understand me, try with one MR and see what happens

Ok understood, should i do exactly that with the rankings too right?

Yes. you can do the same with the rankings because you already solve that challenge.

Got it, thank you very much @pastel-code sorry for bothering that much :sweat_smile: