Problem in lang-data-supported.yml

What happens
When I commit my solution to a challenge in REXX language, the file starts to be evaluated by the CI pipelines, I have not been able to pass the test_policy pipeline because I get that there is no support for that programming language.

What do you understand or find about this problem
I get the error message
[ERROR] Valid language for rex extension not found
[ERROR] You can find supported langs in: code/lang-data-supported.yml
[ERROR] You can find dropped langs in: code/lang-data-dropped.yml
[ERROR] Please consider using a supported language
[ERROR] or creating an issue for supporting rex solutions.

Apparently in the lang-data-supported.yml file the extension for Rexx is as .rx and it should be .rex

Have you done any troubleshooting, what have you done?
I’m not sure if I can change this myself manually.


Ensure your code file has the “.rx” so our compiler can do its job.

Also, remember to use the template when posting.