Problem in Running tests.first_pipeline_successful

What happens

When I commit my solution to a challenge, the file starts to be evaluated by the CI pipelines, I haven’t managed to pass /tests.first_pipeline_successful and don’t know why

What do you understand or find about that problem

I get the error message:

Commit message:191chall\sol(vbd): #0 vulnhub, 0200-defcon-toronto-galahad192[INFO] Running tests.branch_equals_to_user193[INFO] Running tests.pr_max_commits194[INFO] Running tests.commit_user_syntax195[ERROR] All commits should have a valid commit user. 196A commit had user snowfall98.197Please make sure to use the following syntax: 198Capitalized name, space and capitalized lastname (avoid accents and ñ). 199For example: Aureliano Buendia 200You can change your git user by running: 201git config --global "Aureliano Buendia"202[INFO] Running tests.pr_user_syntax203[INFO] Running tests.pr_under_max_deltas204[INFO] Running tests.first_pipeline_successful205[ERROR] Pipeline: Has status: failed207────────────────────────── 🥀 Failed with exit code 1 ──────────────────────────209Cleaning up project directory and file based variables00:00211ERROR: Job failed: exit code 1

Did you try any workaround? What did you do?

No, I’m not sure how I can fix this being my first MR. I have no solution for this.


I need help with

An explanation of why this happens and how I can avoid these types of problems.
Thanks in advance.


Remember that when you upload a branch, a series of pipelines start executing from our continuous integrator, to validate certain things, you must wait for all the jobs to finish executing correctly. Once all the jobs are “green” you can send your merge request.

If you have a problem with this pipeline, try to read carefully the problem that it appears.


Yes, I’ve to wait for the pipelines to run before I can make my merge request.
The problem is that, for example, an error is thrown in /test/policy, it gives me a guide URL but this link is broken.

Here my question would be, should I then correct the corresponding file(s) and make a new commit of 0?

Thank you very much.

This is most likely because you are not complying with the .feature structure.