Problem running makes

¿What happens?
I need to run debug of the my commit with nix

¿What in the situation?
I don’t know how to insert my commit inside the nix tool to debugging of the information

¿What are the versions of the tools that I am using on Nix tool?
The versions are:

¿What happens when I run to debbing of the information?
When I am located at the repository path locally and execute the builder. I see that the debuger is running other commit of another person.

¿What do I need?
I need to know how to change the commit to run debugging successful. Maybe you could point me in the right direction please.

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There really isn’t a problem. Makes is telling you what is currently the most recent commit on the current branch, try to always be up to date with the master branch.

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Sorry, So Do I need to make a commit to generate a recent commit on the current branch?