Problem with pipelines

What happens

At the first commit, i got a problem with the commit body, but i fixed it and made another commit, i don’t know why but it appears to have more works than the first commit pipeline

What do you understand or find about that problem

i don’t really understand this, i haven’t had too much experience with pipelines before

You make any workaround? What did you do?

in other moment, before this attempt, i tried deleting and making again the branch, but it didn’t work.


image 1: the first push pipeline had 13 jobs

pipeline for first push:

image 2: the second push pipeline have 101 jobs

pipeline for second push:

image 3:
for some reason, now i get the same error as the first attempt. i don’t know why, the commit body now is not empty, it shouldn’t throw this error

I need help with

understanding what happens to the pipelines and why im having errors on the second attempt but i didn’t on the first attempt.

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Please let’s check the other pipelines first to rule out any other errors, follow this thread with updates on your challenges. Remember to submit a single commit to your branch.


ok, i did delete the branch to try to fix the possible problem, but now, this same thing happens, 101 jobs, and problems i don’t know how to resolve nor where they come from.
this one is telling me to add the .yaml file to the OTHERS.lst but this is not a unique solution as far as i understood

yesterday this one was asking me to put a message on the commit body, and now is telling me to leave it empty
this one is asking me to add this to the .yaml file

but when i compare the template with the .yaml file i submitted, i get this, the yaml template does not contain the --- characters nor the end of line (and i guess it’s because i omitted the national rank part on the yaml file because the lint detects it as an invalid file or that is what i understood from the log)

also, i don’t know what happens on the ‘url_status_code’ job because i get this… yesterday when i added the links, i got the raw file as indicated and they were perfectly working.

also its asking to sort the urls by extension on the OTHERS.lst

i honestly don’t know what to think about this one, because the requirement of 10 external links, there is a high probability to find files with the same extension…

almost all the errors i got are here, i omitted the ones i think i can solve by myself, but now i am really lost with this and really need help to get out of this, I have not made the first merge-request for this reason, I have not been able to solve the errors that appear in the pipeline

edit: this is the pipeline link:

Hi again, I have reviewed your commit and the pipelines performed.


I can see that you have the .yml misspelled in your file. ‘.yml’ instead of ‘.yaml’ This will fix the related pipelines.


As you can read in the pipelines about the.OTHERS.lst file, you only added 9 out of 10 external links. They don’t necessarily have to be external solutions for the challenge you are solving, they can be for another challenge, but they should add up to 10. It’s easy to find external solutions, GitHub is pretty big. You also have repeated extensions and problems with some external solutions when it comes to HTTP status, you should remove them (they are also denoted in the pipeline error).


You are solving a challenge with a language that has not been assigned to you, check the policies to know which languages you can use.

As a last piece of advice, I recommend that you read the errors in your pipelines before taking everything lightly.

Keep it in mind!

Best regards,

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Thank you! will try this and will update in a while ^ ^

about the OTHERS.lst, will add the other link, but it still makes me think about the other error with the file.
and will read the errors more closely from now on, again, thank you

ok, im here again, now im trying with HAXE as the language and have other problems, will continue tomorrow and close this thread, TY <3

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