Problem with previous submissions' uniqueness

Good afternoon everybody!

What happens

In the Autonomic Jump ranking platform (Hack), most of my submitted solutions are not considered as unique, but this was my own mistake since I didn’t understand at its fullest the OTHERS.lst and uniqueness of solutions guidelines. Now that I understand them as expected I want to know if it is possible to fix this, but I need advice from a moderator or staff member.
If I’m not mistaken this is the case for 12 of my solutions, I know precisely which of them they are and the links inside the OTHERS.lst don not correspond to the challenge they were uploaded to.

What do you understand or find about that problem

Because I didn’y understan the OTHERS.lst and uniqueness of solutions mechanics,
I made my own solutions not unique, where they could have been.

You make any workaround? What did you do?

I haven’t tried any workaround since I think an approval is required.
I think it would be possible that on my next commit, I delete the corresponding OTHERS.lst files and upload the same number of external links to their corresponding solutions inside their adequate folders, So that I will still comply with the amount of required external links.


Here you can check an example of what’s happening.

I need help with

Knowing if it is possible to fix this so that I don’t lose 12 solutions that can be considered as unique. This will also help other people that are working on the enigmes-a-thematiques site.

Thank you very much for your attention.

Hi, you can proceed to modifying that incorrect links with this conditions

  • You can’t remove links that solved the challenge.
  • Push all the changes (wrong links) in conjunction with your next solution challenge
  • You have to add to your effort time, the time to solve the problem

If you have any doubt let me know

Thank you very much @uneasy-ruler, I will make sure to do so on my next submission