Problem with solution name

Hello everyone, recently I had my first passed commit but it has two errors doing the MR because my user name on git wasn’t my complete name and my username of gitlab didn’t match with the name of my branch because it has a capital letter (my username of gitlab). This is the link of my MR:

So I changed my username on git (that was my username on gitlab) to my complete name and I named my branch now with the capital letter that isnt at the last commit and on the MR. Now when I am trying to do a new push on my new branch with the corrections I am having a new problem on te test policy that is this:

I think that is because the name of the solution is in lower case because it can’t has capital letters. Is this because my solution name doesn’t match with the name of my branch and username on gitlab or what could be the problem and how could I fix it?

In this Link you cna change your gitlab username, try with your username in lowercase too.


If you see this job, you can see 2 errors, the lowercase can fix the first problem.

For the second problem please read the error, at the end you can found what you should do to fix it.

The error that you see in your pic is because the filename didn’t match with the branch name, for that reason the job can’t find any valid solution and how you see the filename must follow the regex and following this, the branch name and the username too.