Problem with /solutions/spark pipeline

What happens

Hi, i was trying to upload my branch (The commit was written in Ada) but in the pipeline of Spark solution this failed (

What do you understand or find about that problem

I really don’t know about this, in my local everything is working. I’m using the recommended compiler by AdaCore which is gprbuild (Imperative language —

Did you try any workaround? What did you do?

I try with the SPAR_Mode option also with changing the compiler but nothing works


Compiling succesful in my local:

Executing the result

Recommended compiler by AdaCore:

My code:

-- $ gprbuild dth113.adb
--  using project file /usr/share/gpr/_default.gpr
--  Compile
--  [Ada]          dth113.adb
--  Bind
--  [gprbind]      dth113.bexch
--  [Ada]          dth113.ali
--  Link
--  [link]         dth113.adb

with Ada.Text_IO; use Ada.Text_IO;

procedure dth113 with
  SPARK_Mode => ON
  function String_Reverse (Str : String) return String is
    Result : String (Str'Range);
    if Str'Length = 1 then
      Result := Str;
      Result :=
      String_Reverse (Str (Str'First + 1 .. Str'Last)) & Str (Str'First);
    end if;
    return Result;
  end String_Reverse;
  Put (String_Reverse (Get_Line));
end dth113;

-- cat DATA.lst | ./dth113
-- peek tnecsednacni sutcac yats nrut kcip eraf dna no tuoba

I need help with

I need help to pass the pipeline check, what can i do? Change the compiler again? Modifying my code?


As you can see right there, you have several errors in the code about the indentation and bad spacing, try to fix them.