Problem with the TryHackMe platform

Good night, someone can help me with a problem I have. I’m doing a CTF challenge on the platform (it’s very good), but I get an error in the site-data.yml file and I would like to know if that platform is accepted by fluidattacks and how I should configure the site-data.yml file because I don’t have that information from We Challenger.

This is the error:

Help me please, thank you very much.


The problem doesn’t seem to be the site, but the yaml content you are uploading, you are missing some spaces to indent the keys/values, take for example:

Try adding all the parameters shown in the yaml and after that run locally the CI using training $ ./ check_schemas if the issue persists add a new post describbing the problem

Hope it helps

Thank you very much, but there are data from YML that the tryhackme platform doesn’t have, for example the link to we chall. ¿I can put a link like “na”?

-1 for numeric values and N/A for string values if you don’t have information of them