Problems with my submission

Hello, I just sent my first solution and it wasn’t approved due some errors that I don’t know how to fix:

  • I’m not sure what I am supposed to upload in the OTHERS.lst file and how to upload it.
  • They told me that rebase was missing and I don’t know what that means.

This is my first time using Gitlab and I already read and practice with tutorials but I’m really confused. If you could help me I would be really thankful.

Hey @suspicious-flame, in the OTHERS file you should upload solutions in raw versions.
If there are many already you can specify how many your are uploading in the commit message.

Please take a look:

The builds allow you to test everything before doing the push. Otherwise if you do it with out testing it in your environment you will probably fail the pipeline.

And remember you should do everything in just one commit.

can read

Just read patiently

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