Problems with OTHERS.lst file

What happens

When I try to commit and push my changes to platform the second pipeline fails because previous links have error or don’t have the required format.

What do you understand or find about that problem

I get different error messages. For example:

[ERROR] URLs must be RAW version.

342 code/codeabbey/006/OTHERS.lst

343[CRITICAL] OTHERS.lst contain urls without raw version

You make any workaround? What did you do?

Nope, I’m not sure how can I workaround this. I think maybe deleting previous links but I’m not sure.

I need help with

An explanation about how to upload my OTHERS.lst. Do I need to delete previous links from files I want to edit?

Thanks in advance :wink:


Welcome to the forum.

First please, for next time, consider using the template correctly for posts. Second, before posting, try to search for your problem in the forum.

As for your problem, I see that you are not uploading an OTHERS.lst file in your commit. Also if you ever have a similar problem, you can delete or fix links that are not working or are presenting an error.


Hi how are you?
If you can upload the screenshot so that we can see better, it would be of great help to be able to contribute a little more.