Problems with the flow of GIT

Good day
I got problems with the flow of git, I update my master branch and then proceed to merge with my branch, then I make my changes and commits them. After that I make a git rebase --interactive HEAD~2 and squash the commits of the merge master with my commits and then push it to my branch, but when I tried to make a merge request it appears that my branch is behind(10 commits behind) the master branch.

I don’t what I’m doing wrong, can anybody help me? :frowning:
Edit: this is the order of the commands
Git checkout master git pull origin master
git checkout <mybranch> git merge master
I make my changes and then
git add . git commit
git rebase--interactive HEAD~2 git push origin

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Probably you are updating master, but not your branch, did you already set an upstream origin to your branch? if not probably this would do the trick:

(your_branch)$ git branch -u origin/master

After that, try a git pull --rebase again

okey, after that i made a simple push to mybranch or do I need to do an interactive rebase?

simple rebase should be enough, make sure to commit only the files you need to include in the challenge :wink:

I did it but now I got 4 different commits and I can’t merge with that. Should I do an interactive rebase?

There are many ways to address this issue, yes you can do an interactive rebase or a git log + reset approach, try to find the method that best suits your needs.

is there any reason why the pipelines takes more than 30 minutes?
Am I doing something wrong? :frowning: