Programing challenge-Crossing the Road

I have a question about the input data for the challenge. Here is the screenshot of the data set.

I know that the first number (i.e the one with the red arrow) is the number of games.
However, I don’t know if the first column is the position of the first car related to the pedestrian crossing the road.

PD. Correct me if I’m wrong because in the beginning I thought that each row was a lane.

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Reading that I understand that each number is the position of the first car in each line of the road,
looks like that they give you the initial board.

The human that is trying to cross is indifferent, always start in the same pos.

So each row would be a lane of the road? :thinking::thinking:

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No, think it’s like each row is the entire board to start to play, the board has 11 rows and each column is the initial pos for each car in each row in the board.

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