Reporting current rankings

Hello guys,
I’m submiting some code challenges I made on Hackerrank, but I finished them long time ago, so I only have my current ranking, there’s no way to track my evolution that way.
So do I only report my current ranking?
Thanks in advance.

In this case, just take the last position of the ranking as your previous position and use your current position to track your progress, something like this:

progress = lastPosition - currentPosition

Well, I mean, I have already made most of the most interesting challenges, and those are the ones I want to submit.

Is there any way to get the score for every challenge? you could sum that score as your progress. For your ranking, I would suggest to use the formula of the previous post in the first commit, for the next commits your ranking would remain the same

Ok, thanks. I can’t find where’s the commit template for training code challenges, because the link exposed gives me a 404( . Which is the template for the body of the commit?

If you get a 404 it means you don’t have access to the repository. You need to request access via the form in the documentation.
Regarding the scores, you can try estimation according to the challenge difficulty.

Hi you there @short-petition

If the ranking topic is solved, please mark it as such by checking the solution chart at the bottom of the post you consider that properly answers your question (go to the answer, click on the ellipsis and then the solved button).

Regarding the 404 Error question, surely is as @roaring-lamport said. So… there’s already a similar topic with its own solution on Access to training Repo, please check it.