Restart job (rare bugs)

What happens

A moment ago I got some strange errors about the solution not being able to be executed in some programming languages.
Apparently these errors are associated with the job and I was advised to restart the job.

However, according to me, restarting the job is trying to merge again, but strange errors came out again. So I’m not sure if I keep getting errors when uploading the files.

What do you understand or find about that problem

Possibly I am not making the reset work correctly.

You make any workaround? What did you do?

To upload the work again, the first thing I did was delete the created branch.

git push origin :muelasvill

After this, push to the repository.

git add .
git commit -m “chall\sol(code): #0 codeabbey, 013 (3.95)”
git push -u origin muelasvill

Finally request the merge to the main branch.


Pipeline #751161601

I need help with

I would like an answer about it, I have no other options to solve the problem.

Note that restarting the jobs will not make anything work, you will rarely have to restart them due to a problem with the GitLab job server. You can do it just like this:


Currently, you have problems in five pipelines:

  • /formatYaml (I mentioned how to fix it earlier).
  • /test/generic/80columns (basically your code is exceeding a basic rule that you can’t exceed 80 columns, you will probably find this bug solved inside the forum)

The other three, take the trouble to enter the pipeline and check the errors that indicate you, they are usually denoted with the word “[ERROR]”.

  • /test/others/code_has_unique_ext
  • /test/others/code_sort_by_ext
  • /test/others/urls_status_code


Good afternoon.

Thank you very much for the answer, I had ignored the 80 characters exceeded error since I thought that this error pointed only to the links of others.lst.

Regarding the yalm file, I have already put the date in double quotes.

Finally, with the errors I don’t quite understand the errors and in this forum topic, I thought it wasn’t my problem