Restarting a complexity

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I have had passed the next stage, and I need to find the solution for this issue, 'cause I guess that the process has been "restarted " but the truth isn’t so

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My previous complexity was 11.82 (junior stage) and when I have had passed to the next stage (senior stage), the complexity suddenly restarted from 1 to 4


This is the last pipeline prior to pass to the next stage (junior to senior):

And this is the “first” pipleline with these issue:

I need help with

How is going to upload the challenges, if the previous stage (11.82 at junior stage), or restarting the score using the first challenge, and improve my learning curve.

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I will assign you the Junior policy again so that you can do one more challenge at a complexity higher than 1. Once I accept it, I will assign you the Senior policy again so that you can continue without problems.


Am I will downgraded from senior to junor?
Other users have had passed from Junior to senior and They’ve had done the first challenges from codeabbey without problems

Simply make a new challenge as if you were in a new round of Junior politics and then move up to Senior.

So I am going to solve the first challenge, prior to move the senior stage, right?

BTW, the goal of the junior stage is the score: 11. And my last challenge prior to “change” the stage to senior was 11.82.

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Despite to downgrade from senior to junior, the values are the same, here’s the policy of first challenge:

And that’s the previous challenge with score 11.82 and showing this:

Literally I am still stucked on this trouble.

Remember to be up to date with the master branch and I leave you the error I am seeing in your branch currently.

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Awww yes, still developing under Kotlin, dart and other issues. When I am going to upload prior to change the next stage, I will call you.

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