Site with no global/national rank

Hello everyone.
Right now i’m doing some code challenges at , named before as CodeFights, but this site doesn’t provide a global or national rank, instead it works with score per challenge and levels, what should i do with the commit message?

The site does provide a national and global rank:

Just find yourself in the leaders section

Yes i tried, but it shows top 1000 in the list, i’m not even close yet.1

Humm in this case I could propose 2 solutions:

  1. Use weekly ranking instead of All time ranking, that sure will track your global progress for both global and country ranks.

  2. Use the position 1000+ in your global or country ranking for your commit msg until you appear in the top 1000 list, but idk if training linters would allow it.

@blue-snot @roaring-lamport @infinite-loop @wizardly-knuth I would like to hear your opinions regarding this topic.

I think you most likely will have to use 1000 insead of 1000+ due to linters, though I’m not 100% sure. Just give 1000+ a shot and, if it doesn’t work, go with 1000.

I tried that but linter just admit Int in these value, i’ll try with 1000, thanks

While the rank issue is fixed, you can use your Fluid Attacks rank

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